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Mandi is a character in the Papa Louie series of video games. She first appeared in Papa's Pizzeria. She act's as a protagonist in Papa's Wingeria, With Chuck.she was also on papas frezeria


Mandi's hair is a shoulder lenght hair with blonde highlights and an owly tee and shoes similiar to Timm, But pink and silver and to finish, blue jeans.

In the GamesEdit

Papa's PizzeriaEdit

Papa's Taco Mia!Edit

Rank received at: 38 (Grade A Griller)
Mandi's Taco Order

Mandi's Taco of Choice.

Favorite ingredients: Soft taco, steak, brown rice, sour cream, tomatoes, and cheese.

Mandi's Perfect Taco

A perfect Mandi taco.