Maggie is the female chef of Papa's Taco Mia along with Mitch. She first appeared in Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack!

She wears a blue jeans and yellow jacket.

She is always cheerful. She has the tendency to be very helpful with cooking.

Like Mama, Maggie is the oldest female chef in the team. She also has an extreme tendency to be nice to the team by feeding the group a lot of food, which causes a strong bond to grow between them. Although she does sometimes become rude to the staff, she is willing to help them if she has to. She also has an intense passion for food, going to extreme and extreme lengths to make a recipe of her own, which makes her feel like a hero. She likes the food but she does have some reservations for her own food, like when she was being reprimanded by the police for having a table too far from the table, to which Maggie told the police she was glad it was just her. She does not want to keep her job and she prefers to serve her colleagues as they are more of a friendly companion. While she is seen being good cheer, and caring for the children while being able to do their homework, she has also been known to be overly cruel.

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