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Clover is a character in the Papa Louie series of video games. She is the younger sister of Marty . She first appeared in Papa's Pizzeria. She is the drummer of Scarlett and the Shakers with her brother Marty and Scarlett .


Clover is a young white female with blond hair. She wears a white dress shirt with a black necktie. She also has a grey metallic-looking buckle-belt over blue jeans and black-and-white casual shoes.

In the GamesEdit

Papa's PizzeriaEdit

Papa's Taco Mia!Edit

Rank received at: 36 (Spatula Pro)
Clover's Taco Order

Clover's Taco of Choice.

Favorite ingredients: Pita bread, beef, lettuce, verde sauce, peppers, and guacamole.

All the toppings on her taco are green, as she seems to "go green" with her tacos (doubling in Verde sauce).

Clover's Perfect Taco

A perfect Clover taco.